Day 1

Objective: Become familiar with the concept of integrated landscape management and the COMDEKs theory of change and implementation strategy.

Welcome and opening remarks Prof. Alfred Oteng-Yeboah
Envisioning Satoyama Fumiko Nakao
COMDEKS – Integrating Satoyama into UNDP communities programming Fumiko Fukuoka
Implementing COMDEKS Nick Remple
Realizing the vision – Building a framework for managing socio-ecological production landscapes (SEPLs) Abigail Hart
Identifying landscape assets – reading a landscape Nick Remple
Participant presentations on candidate landscapes National Coordinators
Managing landscapes – an adaptive management approach Abigail Hart

Day 2

Objective: Gain technical knowledge and insight for operationalizing the Satoyama vision in COMDEKS project landscapes.

Capturing resilience in SEPLs and introducing the Satoyama indicators Fumiko Nakao
Exploring tools for landscape assessment Abigail Hart
Group activity – reviewing the Satoyama indicators
Presentations and discussion on group activity National Coordinators
Developing a landscape strategy Abigail Hart
Individual activity – Outlining a strategy for candidate landscapes National Coordinators

Day 3

Objective: Share expectations and tools for knowledge management, create action plans and establish guidelines for post-workshop collaboration and project implementation.

Presentations on landscape strategies National Coordinators
Common themes and gaps in understanding in landscape strategies – facilitated group discussion Nick Remple and Abigail Hart
Generating, communicating and applying knowledge from project landscapes – facilitated group activity Abigail Hart
From inception to implementation – individual action plans All participants
Presentation of action plans All participants
Final questions and remarks
Closing Nick Remple