New Video from COMDEKS Cambodia-Project Assessment

The SGP Cambodia Country Programme has recently released a new video, produced by the grantee Live and Learn Environmental Education, describing the results of COMDEKS supported local projects in the targeted landscape region of the Steung Siem Reap watershed area, Cambodia.

The video also documents an ex-post baseline assessment workshop that took place on 22 July 2015 in Siem Reap watershed area that engaged stakeholders, local authorities and technical institutions in reflecting on the resilience of the target landscape. In the video, communities share their perspectives on how supported activities have contributed to protection and increased resilience of the target landscape. The video recognizes the achievement of improving livelihoods of people through income generating activities that conserve biodiversity as well as increase productivity in crop yields through sound agricultural production practices supported by COMDEKS.

For additional information about the COMDEKS activities in Cambodia, see the case study presented in the publication “Communities in Action for Landscape Resilience and Sustainability: The COMDEKS Programme”, available here.

The English version of the video is available at the following link.

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