Case study booklet on COMDEKS-supported initiatives produced by SGP Indonesia

In collaboration with the PROCESS Institute, the SGP Indonesia country team has developed a booklet on COMDEKS-supported initiatives in Indonesia with the title “COMDEKS Case Study: Semau Island, Indonesia”. Semau Island, located in the Kupang District of the East Nusa Tenggara Province, was selected as the target seascape for the activities of the COMDEKS Country Programme in Indonesia. The island represents an area with high biodiversity as well as an environment and local population with high vulnerability to climate change impacts and extreme weather events.

The booklet describes the landscape background and context in which the COMDEKS Landscape/Seascape Strategy in Indonesia was developed, the process of the community consultations and baseline assessment as well as evaluating progress towards project objectives, key activities, results, and innovations. It further elaborates on challenges faced by local communities and project teams, outlines measures undertaken to ensure sustainability of project activities, and explores lessons learned, recommendations and the potential for replication and upscaling. Numerous info-graphics, images from on-the-ground activities, and maps complement the wealth of information featured in this case study booklet.

You can download the publication here.

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