New video developed by SGP Namibia during the COMDEKS Ex-post Baseline Assessment

With the COMDEKS activities in Namibia recently completed, SGP Namibia has just released a new video produced within the framework of the Ex-post Baseline Assessment. This assessment evaluated the results and progress towards improved landscape resilience through COMDEKS-supported initiatives in the Iipumbu-ya-Tshilongo Conservancy pilot landscape.

Conservancies have become increasingly important in Namibia as vehicles for promoting rural development while conserving biodiversity. Since approval of the Landscape Strategy for the Iipumbu-ya-Tshilongo Conservancy in 2014, seven community-based projects have been supported focusing on land rehabilitation, afforestation, and enhancing food security by promoting the use of indigenous varieties and animal breeds, and the development of environmentally conscious tourism. One central objective of the Landscape Strategy for the lipumbu-ya-Tshilongo Conservancy was to strengthen the collaboration between government, CBOs, CSOs and traditional authorities.

The video provides an overview of landscape selection criteria and challenges faced by local communities in the landscape, outlines three major activities undertaken with regard to increasing agricultural yields in a changing climate, access to water, and youth engagement, includes interviews with local stakeholders, and highlights some of the achievements from supported initiatives.

For direct access to the video page, please click here.

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