New video on COMDEKS achievements towards biodiversity conservation produced by SGP Ghana

SGP Ghana has recently developed a video on the achievements of COMDEKS-supported initiatives towards improved livelihoods of local communities and biodiversity conservation in the Weto Range, the target landscape in Ghana. The supported activities have promoted diversification of agricultural landscapes through reforestation, agroforestry, and diversification of production systems through cultivation of more crop varieties, apiculture and integrated crop-livestock systems. Together with the introduction of improved technologies in low-input agriculture, soil conservation, and improved water management, activities helped to conserve local plant and animal biodiversity and facilitate livelihood enterprise development activities based on the needs of local communities, reducing the need for bush meat hunting.

The video outlines local environmental and socio-economic challenges faced by these rural communities and the vulnerable ecosystems in the landscape, as well as showcases supported initiatives and achievements. Slash-and-burn practices, chemical fertilizers, illegal hunting and logging have resulted in substantial loss of biodiversity and reduced yields of local cocoa and vegetable cultivation. By promoting alternative income generating activities and promoting access to finance, including for local tourism development, improved local cocoa production, and integrated farming systems, supported initiatives have reduced incentives for bush meat hunting and helped to conserve local biodiversity. Overall, 1.5 million tree seedlings have been planted to rehabilitate land, 21,500 hectares of land have been placed under natural regeneration, and about 90% of the landscape has been protected from wildfires.

For direct access to the video page, please click here.

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