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New video from COMDEKS Ghana – Landscape rehabilitation for socio-ecological resilience

The SGP Ghana Country Programme has recently released a new video that documents and analyzes successful innovations that have resulted from the first cycle of COMDEKS supported local projects in the target socio-ecological production landscape – the WETO Range. The COMDEKS Program in Ghana has supported 10 community led projects in the WETO landscape, located in … Continue reading

New video from COMDEKS Slovakia: results for inspiration

The SGP Slovakia Country Programme has recently released ‘Community Development in Harmony with Nature’, a new video produced by SGP Slovakia with COMDEKS funding that documents the landscape approach piloted by COMDEKS, and highlights supported initiatives that have successfully strengthened community development and landscape resilience in Slovakia. The COMDEKS Programme in Slovakia has supported  seven … Continue reading

Resilience Indicators Toolkit released at the WPC: A Tool for Landscape Assessment

We are excited to announce the release of a new publication, ‘Toolkit of Indicators for Resilience in Socio Ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes (SEPLS)’, during the IUCN World Parks Congress side event, ‘Production landscapes and protected areas: approaches of the Satoyama Initiative’, on 17 November 2014, in Sydney. The set of indicators included in the … Continue reading