New video from COMDEKS Ghana – Landscape rehabilitation for socio-ecological resilience

The SGP Ghana Country Programme has recently released a new video that documents and analyzes successful innovations that have resulted from the first cycle of COMDEKS supported local projects in the target socio-ecological production landscape – the WETO Range.

The COMDEKS Program in Ghana has supported 10 community led projects in the WETO landscape, located in the southern part of the Togo-Atakora Range, aimed at improving environmental sustainability and strengthening livelihoods in the region.

The video reflects upon various challenges faced in the area, including food insecurity, deforestation, droughts and fires that were common before COMDEKS projects were implemented in the landscape. Local communities and experts share various initiatives undertaken in order to conserve ecosystems, preserve local cultures and improve livelihoods in the region. As shown in the video, activities such as organic agriculture and bee keeping have increased self sufficiency and incomes in the target area.

The video notes progress made and results achieved, including the restoration of 850 ha of degraded land, improved food production, rehabilitation of watersheds and significant improvements in the vegetative cover.

As a result, COMDEKS projects in Ghana have contributed to the restoration and revitalization of natural ecosystems, along with farming practices and activities, in harmony with local resources and conditions.

The  video is available at the following link.

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