Krishak Mitra Award awarded to COMDEKS grantee in India, Mahila Heat

We are proud to announce the success of Mahila Heat, a COMDEKS grantee and partner in India, in winning the Krishak Mitra Award by the G.B. Pant Himalayan Environment & Development Institute, Kosi on Environment Day Celebration. This year’s Environment Day centered on the theme “Climate Change” and “Diluting Ice of Himalaya.” With COMDEKS support, Mahila Heat implements the “Conserving Biodiversity for Positive Human-Nature Relationship through Nature and Tourism in Kausani District of Almora District” project. The project seeks to promote biodiversity while encouraging income generating activities, such as supporting the ecotourism efforts of local providers in the Kausani valley region through training and organizing guides, creating local craft and service enterprises to cater to tourists, improving trek routes, and building other tourism infrastructure. The project also organizes the community through public meetings and the creation of self-help groups and aims to promote home kitchen gardens and value-added crops such as spices and fruits to increase farmers’ incomes.

Godhan Singh Negi, a resident of Sagbara Village and a member of a self-help group under the COMDEKS project, was honored for his contribution in vegetable cultivation, honey bee cultivation, and other agricultural activities.

Contributed by Prabhjot Sodhi, India National Coordinator, GEF-SGP, UNDP


India comdeks grantee award

Godhan Singh Negi, a community member participating in a local COMDEKS project in the Almora District of Uttarakhand, receives the Krishak Mitra Award on Environment Day 2014 for his contributions in local vegetable cultivation, honey bee culture, and other agricultural activities

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