New Video from Brazil – Final programme assessment in the Upper Jequitinhonha Valley

The SGP Brazil Country Programme has recently released a new video produced within its final COMDEKS programme assessment, providing an overview of challenges faced in the 40,600-hectare COMDEKS target landscape, the Upper Jequitinhonha Valley, project activities and key results achieved.

The Jequitinhonha Valley is one of the poorest regions in Brazil, and the region is afflicted by a lack of water and degradation of natural landscapes. Based on the landscape strategy for the COMDEKS socio-ecologic production landscape in Brazil, the Upper Jequitinhonha Valley, overall nine community-based projects in 14 communities have aimed to increase landscape resilience and improve livelihoods through enhanced agroecology, water and soil management, as well as enhanced market access opportunities.

Local partnerships with the Center for Agriculture Alternative Vicente Nica (CAV) and the Institute Society, Population and Nature (ISPN), as well as many other partners, were key to the successful implementation of COMDEKS supported initiatives. Key results include the establishment of 143 water harvesting constructions for rainwater collection and storage, e.g. dams, basins, and terraces, which can store about 33.6 million liters of water. The increased water availability has enabled all-year-round food cultivation by about 240 rural families in partner communities. In addition, 20 springs have been protected and restored. Aside from the environmental benefits, the communities have received technical training in sustainable agro-ecological production and livestock management. Frequent knowledge exchange is promoted among these communities, which has also inspired commitment and motivation to carry out further activities strengthening their environmental associations and sustainability of their livelihood activities, also in collaboration with additional communities.

For additional information about the COMDEKS activities in Brazil, see the case study presented in the publication “Communities in Action for Landscape Resilience and Sustainability: The COMDEKS Programme”, available here.

For direct access to the video page, click here.

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