Launch of the second COMDEKS publication featuring phase 2 country case studies

comdeks-ii-case-study-publication-coverWe are pleased to announce that the COMDEKS Programme has launched its second case study publication “A Community-based Approach to Resilient and Sustainable Landscapes: Lessons from Phase II of the COMDEKS Programme” at the end of October at the 1st Conference of Biocultural Diversity. The conference was organized by IPSI partners, the United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability Operating Unit Ishikawa-Kanazawa (UNU-IAS OUIK), UNESCO, the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Ishikawa Prefectural Government, along with the Nanao City Government, and took place 27-29 October 2016 in Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

The conference involved the participation and presentations from researchers, practitioners and policy makers assessing the relationship between biological and cultural diversity as well as their conservation and use on a local level. Ms. Diana Salvemini, the COMDEKS Project Manager, presented the approach and key lessons of on-the-ground COMDEKS activities, highlighting activities and achievements from the Mongolia Country Programme, which is part of the ten Phase II country case studies featured in this new publication.

The publication shows how much progress has been made in defining the goals, planning processes, funding mechanisms, and monitoring systems needed to make sustainable landscape management a reality. It demonstrates the strengths of the COMDEKS methodology in a variety of different geographic, cultural, and governance settings, tackling a wide array of environmental, social, and economic challenges. The case studies provide valuable examples of the COMDEKS approach and the improvements in ecosystem services, and rural productivity, income, and community empowerment that result.

The publication will also be presented during the Thirteenth Conference of the Parties to the CBD (CBD COP-13) in Mexico at the UNDP/UNU-IAS side event “Contributions of Funding Mechanisms under the Satoyama Initiative to Mainstreaming Biodiversity for Well-Being”, scheduled for December 8th.

The full publication is available for download at the following link.

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