COMDEKS Global Knowledge Exchange Workshop held in Costa Rica

From January 23 to 26, COMDEKS hosted its Global Knowledge Exchange Workshop in San José, Costa Rica. Participants included representatives from the Ministry of Environment of Japan, the Secretariat to the Convention on Biological Diversity, the United Nations University, the Global Environment Facility, the SGP Central Programme Management Team, as well as SGP National Coordinators from COMDEKS partner countries and SGP Upgrading Country Programmes, and other partners and stakeholders.

The 4-day workshop opened with welcoming remarks from the SGP National Coordinator from Costa Rica, Mr. Eduardo Mata, the UNDP Resident Representative, Ms. Alice Harding Shackelford, the UNDP-GEF Head of Climate Change and GEF Principal Technical Advisor, Mr. Stephen Gold, the Partnership and Resource Mobilization Coordinator from the GEF Secretariat, Ms. Pilar Barrea, the Counselor to the Japanese Embassy to Costa Rica, Mr. Taijiro Kimura, the Global Biodiversity Strategy Office Director from the Ministry of Environment of Japan, Ms. Fumiko Nakao, and the Costa Rican Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Edgar Gutierrez Espeleta.

The first day of the workshop focused on introducing the programme and its approach, as well as provided the opportunity for in-depth knowledge and experience sharing related to the COMDEKS methodology and landscape resilience objectives among participants. On Day 2, a site visit to partner communities in the Rio Jesús María Watershed, the target landscape in Costa Rica, was organized for participants to learn about project activities and results from the local communities. Day 3 involved a number of training and feedback sessions on relevant toolkits and guidance material used within the landscape approach. On the final workshop day, participants explored synergies with other programs and opportunities for replication and scaling up.

This workshop provided a valuable platform to 1) promote a better understanding of the Satoyama Initiative’s perspectives and activities, the achievements of COMDEKS and its partnership with SGP; 2) analyze results and conclusions of the COMDEKS programme, and share and disseminate knowledge and experiences from successful on-the-ground actions; 3) build staff technical capacity and provide opportunities for capacity building and planning for future work; and 4) promote synergies with other programs and opportunities for replication and scaling up of landscape planning and management approaches and practices.

To download the workshop summary report, click here.


The workshop presentations are available for download below:

The Satoyama Initiative and IPSI (Naoya Tsukamoto)

Session 1: Introduction to the COMDEKS Programme, impacts and cumulative results; overview of workshop objectives (Diana Salvemini)

Session 2: COMDEKS Community-Based Landscape Approach -Lessons learned from implementation (Gregory Mock)

Session 5: COMDEKS Community-Based Landscape Approach – contributing to socio-ecological landscape resilience: landscape resilience outcomes (Nick Remple)

Session 8: Drawing on the lessons of COMDEKS to replicate Landscape Management Efforts; overview of the guidance material to support and guide SGP NCs during OP6 and OP7 (Diana Salvemini)

Technical Training 1: The Resilience Indicators Toolkit (Nadia Bergamini & William Dunbar)

Technical Training 2: Enhancing the productivity and sustainability of agro-ecosystems socio-ecological production landscapes/seascapes (Miguel Altieri)

Technical Training 3: Building governance systems at the landscape level (Barabara Lassen)

Session 10: ICCA (Terence Hay-Edie)

Session 11: ITPGRFA (Mary Jane Ramos de la Cruz)

Session 11: Joint Capacity Building on Farmers Rights (Juanita Chaves Posada)

Session 11: The GEF-Satoyama Project (Devon Dublin)

Session 11: ANDES (Alejandro Argumedo)

Session 13: M&E: Adaptive management for landscape resilience (Diana Salvemini & Ana Maria Varea)

Session 13: M&E: Adaptive management for landscape resilience – COMDEKS El Salvador (Juan René Guzman)

Session 14: Knowledge Management: Producing lessons and knowledge to advance the landscape resilience agenda (T. Tschentscher, M.-L. Mpeck-Nyemeck, G. Argun)

Session 15: Communicating Results and Building Partnerships (Singay Dorji)

Session 16: Introduction to the Programme Terminal Evaluation Methodology (Alejandro Imbach)

Closing Remarks (Atsuhiro Yoshinaka)

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